Island Of Lies

Words and Music by Andrew Lambkin
© November 2013

Sorry to say
That the country we knew is a new shade of Blue
Surrounded by walls
That let hatespeakers in but deny kith and kin.
Mothers and children apart:
Tell me this sticks in your heart.
You know this is wrong.

Whose cause does it serve
To spend billions offshore, say we can’t take no more?
In a Paradise thieved
They’re donating the boats to drag them back to hell.
With silence, denial and spin
They demonise, divide and win:
You know that it’s wrong.

We’ve become rich in our wallets, but then stone broke in our hearts,
Making villains of the needy, both at home and in foreign parts.
Using panic propaganda against a sinking fishing boat?
People are not three-word slogans…and neither is my vote.

What can I say?
See, I love you, I love you, but what will you do?
Stand up and sing?
Or still do nothing, ’cause it’s easier for you?
Get out into the street
Talk to the people you meet:
You know this is wrong.

I know how you feel:
Feeling helpless as one, wonder what can be done.
But look at us now:
Hundred thousand and more as we knock on their door,
Demanding that Love take a stand:
Legal refuge in our land!
You know we’ve been wrong.

© 2013

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And suddenly, the full-moon street is there to see…

There was a beautiful and perfect full moon suspended low and brightly over Newtown on Wednesday night for our mini-show at the Town Hall Hotel. As I drove in from the suburban south-west, it watched me serenely at every turn, every intersection. And as I walked up Bedford Street towards the Square, it hung tidily in the centre of the gap between the houses, large, bright, never out of sight. Fathers paused in the Square to point it out to their small children, out on their early evening walk, as it looked down from a clear inky sky, shepherding me all the way to the Townie’s door. It was a sign, I tells ya. This is not over. x

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And so it goes…

Well, Tom is moving to Canberra. That’s obviously curtains for the kind of cosy midweek mini-gigs we’ve been doing from time to time over the last year. It would be nice to think that there will be a few select shows over coming months at strategic points. Maybe I’ll end up with a new lineup for the band. But “watch this space” is truly all that can be said at the moment. For now, after tonight, the gigs are finished. Thank you so much if you’re one of the lovely folk who attended, listened, and supported. There are plenty of half-finished recordings for me to meddle with, however, so keep an eye out for fresh uploads in weeks to come. It’s ain’t over ’till it’s over. x

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Where The Footpath Ends

Words and Music by Andrew Lambkin
© June 2010

Sun girl with frock coat and jeans,
Some day you’ll know what this means.
Have you heard? Now the future’s free.

Watching the light drawing down,
Walking you home from the town,
Such a girl that the hills just sigh.

As we roll along,
Spring moves like a song.
Let’s go walking where the footpath ends;
Will we always be friends?

Witness the trees in the wind:
They’ll lose all their leaves but won’t rescind
A single word of the love they bear.

House rich but time poor it seems:
People with no time for dreams.
In such a world, we are making Time…

As we roll along,
Love moves like a song.
We’ll go walking where the footpath ends
And we’ll always be friends.

Think of all of those before, who walked these lanes and never wanted more.
Think of those who walked before along these lanes and sought no more.

© 2010

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14th July

Happy St Swithin’s Day. Beware the rain. And melancholy nostalgia from Billy Bragg songs. 🙂

We spent much of Bastille Day doing a little bit of further recording, despite the roaring wind outside rattling the rafters and boards of our regional HQ on the hill. How much of this penetrated the recording in anything more than an atmospheric way remains to be seen, and work continues on vocal tracks (never give a Virgo a second take). In any case, demos/acoustic versions of Number One and a new recording of So Much To Tell You should be available for your perusal in the near future.

We were also hoping to begin a recording of a brand new song we’re rather pleased with, Where The Footpath Ends…but perhaps you should come to the next open mic night on Wednesday week (28th July at the Townie) to hear it for the first time? 🙂

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Gigs 2010: Part Three

Open Mic Night 7 – 16th June, 2010

Number One
So Much To Tell You
Pushing Buttons

Town Hall Hotel, Newtown

Open Mic Night 8 – 28th July, 2010

Kissing Friends
When It’s Fine
Where The Footpath Ends
Chiddingstone Daze

Town Hall Hotel, Newtown

Open Mic Night 9 – 25th August, 2010

Where The Footpath Ends
Pushing Buttons

Town Hall Hotel, Newtown

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Gig: The Excelsior Hotel, Glebe, 16th April, 2010

Our first full-length show, and a chance to sum up “the story so far” in terms of playlists and our first wave of songs. The Excelsior is undergoing a renaissance as a happening venue for real live music in inner Sydney, and we think we played our part, with a few tables of friends, comrades and lifelong associates who talked, and drank, and talked, and cheered, and drank. Then they drank a little. We witnessed the rebirth of veteran Sydney outfit The Bengarzees, and we also met The Fantastics for the first time, in duo mode for this gig. Simon & Elaine’s songs were sharp, poppy and good for the soul, and it was over all too soon. Looking forward to sharing a stage with them again in the near future.


So Much To Tell You
Down To Earth
Billy Liar Homeland
The Proud Man
Kissing Friends
When It’s Fine
Number One
Pushing Buttons
Chiddingstone Daze

The Excelsior Hotel, Glebe

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